Next Big Design: PS3 Media Center

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PS3 Media Center

I came across this post today on Hicksdesign that recently design features of the Playstation 3. Unlike the Wii which is small, white and child-friendly the PS3 caters to serious gamers. But, not only is it just a video game console, it serves as a media center, probably the cheapest one out there considering all that it does. Here’s a summary from the post on all of the PS3 features.
  • Play DVDs
  • Play CDs (and get track information from the internets)
  • Play Blu-Ray discs.
  • Play Media (Music, Video and Photo) stored on a USB Stick or drive
  • Streams Media via UPnP server.
  • Plays and records freeview TV with the PlayTV add-on box, which by extension, includes Radio too.
  • Oh, it also plays games.
When will we ever come across another machine that serves as a multifunctional media center like the PS3?

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