Next Big Design: FUSE 2010 Speaker Profile: Peter Clarke, Founder & CEO, Product Ventures

Monday, February 1, 2010

FUSE 2010 Speaker Profile: Peter Clarke, Founder & CEO, Product Ventures

Peter Clarke
Founder & CEO

CEO Peter Clarke is a visionary entrepreneur who founded Product Ventures 15 years ago as the ultimate strategic creative agency for the research, design and development of manufactured goods. His passion for excellence and dedication to helping shape products and packaging to enhance consumers' lives have garnered Clarke many prestigious awards and recognition in the media. As a sought-after expert, Peter Clarke has written numerous articles on packaging and is a frequent keynote speaker at leading conferences. He has also appeared on Fox Business News, CBS' "The Early Show" as well as many other news broadcasts discussing industry trends.

Join Peter as he presents, "Marine Drummer Sets The Creative Beat For Brands" at 9:10 am, Wednesday, April 14, 2010 @ FUSE 2010

Good design, like music, is the harmonization of elements to create beautiful results. My training in the United States Marine Corps Band Produced me with this early foundation of discipline, creative performance, demanding expectation and commitment to excellence that set the stage for my successful career in design.
  • Assembling an orchestra with the voices of the consumer, the creative talents of the designers and the precision of the engineers
  • Why creativity and discipline are thought to be at odds, are requirements for success
FUSE 2010

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